Elizabeth Downs


Home type
Home size
3 bedrooms
Covered off-street

Private bedroom

Rent amount
Single$100 per week (excludes bills)
Couple$150 per week (excludes bills)
Date available
14 June 2021 for 6 months plus
Bedroom size
Large bedroom (queen bed size)
Bedroom furniture
With or without a bed
  • Shared bathroom
Security bond
Other information
I can put in a Murphy bed.

Home Description

Description of the home

It's got some solar panels and great internet connection. Currently reworking the garden. Keeping some trees, pruning others and got rid of a few. The backyard is a bit of a dog poo mine field sometimes but I have a plan, a green bin and a shovel (generally at a minimum every sunday). Small kitchen, got both a wood stove and an electric stove. (the house exudes a simultaneous 1920's /2020's feel...).

Occupants strongly opposed to veganism, and generally any other obvious propaganda from Big Corporate Soy. Currently 2 occupants, one male and one female. The male generally does all the dishes and the washing, the female regularly makes them. House would suit patient female or male. No vegans. No smokers. No sufferers of pyromania. No crackheads. No alcoholics. Oh there is a dog. It is cute. If your puppy gets along with the dog here, then that would work.

I think. Rent is inexpensive?

Home features

  • Dishwasher

Bills and expenses

If it's expensive I'll want you to help pay it. If it's not then you wont be bothered. (ie, if electric comes in at say more than 1000 for the quarter, I'd want a contribution of say a third. If it was less than that then you would not be asked to contribute.

Occupants Description

Gender & sexuality
  • Female, straight
  • Male, straight
Age group
  • 25 to 30 years
  • 31 to 35 years
Smoking at home
Have a dog
Main interests
  • Bars, pubs or clubs
  • Cars or motorbikes
  • Computers or Internet
  • Health and fitness
  • Personal development
About the occupants
Lawrence -35. Thinking about uni. Not bothered.
Stephanie -27 doesn't work, makes decisions.
Compatible people
Patience. Not being in a rush. happy to work slowly but surely toward solutions... Flexibility and the ability to work together when required.
Description of pets
Kiki -bouncy and will lick you for literally hours if you let her... Very protective once she knows you.

Flatmate Preferences

Gender & sexuality
Any gender/sexuality
Age group
18 yrs+
Smoking at home
  • Non-smokers
  • Outdoors okay
  • Without a cat or dog
  • Dogs okay