Terms of Use

By creating a profile on gayshare.com.au you agree to the following:

Your intention and behaviour

  • You are sincerely and honestly looking for a shared home, vacant home, flatmate or tenant. You will not use this service for any other purpose.
  • You will be courteous and respectful to our customer service staff and other users of this service at all times.
  • You won't use this service to create, host or transmit unsolicited advertising material to other users about other products or services.
  • You won't put links to other websites in your profile or direct people to contact you through another website, such as Facebook.

Your profile and account

  • You will deactivate your profile when your home is no longer available, or you've stopped looking for a home, so other users don't match with you.
  • Flatmate Finders and Gay Share are part of the same service and you agree that your profile will be visible and contactable by the users of both websites.
  • You will ensure that the information in your profile is true and correct and that your profile will be kept up-to-date for the duration that you're using this service.
  • At any one time, you will only have one active profile listed on this service for each home address or each person who is looking for a home.
  • If you don't respond to our emails about your availability we can deactivate your profile at our discretion until your availability is confirmed.
  • You are 18 years or older.
  • You will notify Flatmate Finders if someone accesses your profile without your authorisation.
  • Our 14-day money back guarantee:
    • When you request a refund your profile will be deactivated and your remaining service period will be forfeited.
    • The refund is available within 14 days of payment. The 14th day is 13 days after the date of your payment.
    • You can only request one refund per 90-day period.
  • You agree that your profile can be seen by non-users of this service on the Preview Listings page of our website, or from a link to your profile that's posted on another website by you or another person.
  • Google indexes all profiles that are listed on our service. If you would like your profile removed from the Google search index, you can send a request to Flatmate Finders by email and your profile will be removed within 2 weeks.
  • You confirm that you have the legal right to all the content that you post on your profile.
  • The service period that you purchase needs to be used within 6 months. After 6 months any remaining service on your profile will be cancelled.

Limits of our responsibility

  • We don't take responsibility for the accuracy of profiles or people's actions. Access to this service may be withdrawn if we receive a complaint about you.
  • To prevent financial loss, never accept money from anyone you haven't met or spoken to. If you're not sure about someone's authenticity, ask our team.
  • You are responsible for assessing any user who contacts you and their suitability. We don't check the truth, accuracy or completeness of any profile.
  • We don't provide any information to users to assist you in accessing someone's suitability, such as background checks, police checks or identity checks.
  • We are not responsible in any way for the rental agreement negotiated between you and another person for accommodation.

Other issues

  • We endeavour to make this service available 24 hours a day, however from time to time this service maybe offline for maintenance, updates or due to technical issues. In this case, we are not liable for any loss that you may incur.
  • The management of Flatmate Finders have the authority to suspend or terminate your account if you breach or violate any term or condition of this document at any time for any reason.