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Great service.. not as quick this time, but I think there is a lot of homes on offer out there. Thanks for the great service when you rang me up.. very professional.

Mr Chris W - Jul 23, 2014
Gay Share is a very good service. They emailed me with prospective and appropriate matches and found a flatmate quickly.

Mr David W - Jul 22, 2014
Gay Share is a great service and am looking forward to my new residence!

Mr Clinton H - Jul 18, 2014
I always find Gay Share a great way to find a flatmate!

Mr Mark S - Jul 9, 2014
I had the misfortune of having to find 2 people to move into my house but through Gay Share it was so easy to create a profile and also ensure that you had an idea of what people were like before any contact was made. Found 2 awesome people to move in after searching only a couple of weeks!

Mr Myron Y - Jul 8, 2014
Gay Share is a very easy to use service. Made finding a flatmate so much easier and less stressful!

Mr Tim G - Jul 5, 2014
Gay Share is a great service! It's my second successful use of this website. Thank you!

Mr Craig M - Jun 27, 2014
Gay Share and the team have been a big help! I was referred to this sight by a friend of mine and will certainly suggest to any one in need to use Gay Share!

Mr Justin K - Jun 24, 2014
Gay Share is such a great service. Thanks for all your care and assistance!

Mr David K - Jun 23, 2014
Gay Share is a truly great service!

Mr ahmed b - Jun 21, 2014
I just wanted to pass on the excellent customer service you guy present to a web site, including follow up calls and suggestions on how to better advertise profiles, you are second to none in this area!

Mr Mohammed A - Jun 21, 2014
Gay Share is one of the best websites to find a place to live and share with people with things and interests in common!

Mr Dan L - May 28, 2014
Thank You! I found the people I contacted dependable and helpful. I will now have a safe, secure friendly home. Thanks again. Kind Regards Dames

Mr Damien F - May 22, 2014
I have found my last 2 housemates through Gay Share. Your website is excellent and really does change lives and enable great friendships to form. Keep up the good work!

Mr Clinton R - May 15, 2014
Thanks again for a great service - I really think it’s the best out there!

Mr Kelly G - May 11, 2014
Wonderful service as usual! Thanks guys!

Mr John B - Apr 29, 2014
Gay Share is a seriously great service. It's a technical gem really. Thanks again!

Mr Sam S - Apr 29, 2014
Thank you for all your help! I really liked using Gay Share - keep up the great work.

Mr Arlong V - Apr 28, 2014
Gay Share was great!

Mr Pete T - Apr 21, 2014
Thanks for running such a great service. Very happy with my new home!

Mr Joel M - Apr 15, 2014
This is my 3rd time using Gay Share, and success yet again! So big thank you!

Mr Dominic T - Apr 6, 2014
I'm quite happy with all the service provided by Gay Share. It's greatly more reliable than Gumtree. Thank you!

Mr Rodrigo D - Mar 31, 2014
The first guy to come and look at my home from Gay Share took it and we are a perfect match!

Mr Will C - Mar 27, 2014
Thanks for helping out our community - keep up the good work!

Mr Aleem Y - Mar 27, 2014
Hi guys! I have used Gay Share on numerous occasions and always found staff to be fabulously helpful. Thank you to all.

Mr Andy S - Mar 15, 2014
Gay Share worked perfectly for me. Found a housemate and he's all moved in. Thanks!

Mr Jared S - Mar 10, 2014
Thanks guys - great service you provide!

Mr Cameron M - Feb 24, 2014