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Once again you have made me extremely happy by finding the perfect match for me! I have been using Gay Share for many years and highly recommend it to all.. Thank you so much!

Mr Zac D - Jul 24, 2015
Great website - exceptionally user friendly!

Mr David K - Jul 23, 2015
Thank You! I have found a flatmate through Gay Share. Your help has been very generous. It's taken a while, but we seem to have found someone who fits our needs which is perfect. Cheers, Brendan Vowles

Mr Brendan V - Jul 20, 2015
Gay Share is very straightforward and very efficient for communicating.

Mr Chris W - Jul 18, 2015
Gay Share is an excellent website! Matches you perfectly with what you're looking for. Will definitely recommend and use again!

Mr Chris S - Jul 12, 2015
Gay Share is an awesome service!

Mr Chanapat M - Jul 2, 2015
Good service as always :)

Mr Michael T - Jun 30, 2015
Considering my advert was only up for a few hours, the response was fantastic. Thanks, and I intend to use you guys again! Dennis

Mr Dennis M - Jun 24, 2015
Gay Share is one of the best and easiest to use and I love that if you find someone then deactivate, you get to keep your remaining service period. Thanks guys Love your work. Darryl

Mr Darryl N - Jun 11, 2015
Gay Share worked extremely well for me. Thank you.

Mr Richard A - Jun 11, 2015
Flatmate Finders is an amazing website!

Mr George C - May 26, 2015
Gay Share is a great service!

Mr Troy H - May 19, 2015
Gay Share is a well set up and user friendly service.

Mr Harry M - May 5, 2015
Gay Share is a great site! I found a great place with nice people. Thank you!

Mr Shun K - May 5, 2015
Yes, thank you. I've found a new housemate. He's settled in well. Every time I've used Gay Share the quality of applicants has been outstanding, I've recommended you guys to several people.

Mr Iain F - May 3, 2015
As always, a great experience. Thanks guys!

Mr Darryl N - May 3, 2015
The Gay Share staff have been incredibly helpful. My current lodger is only short term, so I will list my home on Gay Share once he leaves. Thanks again!

Mr Colin G - Apr 22, 2015
Thank you so much for this service! I have used others in the past but now I know there is a gay service that is fast and accurate I will recommend Gay Share to others I know if they require. Again - thank you to the Gayshare.com.au team :)

Mr Alan M - Apr 20, 2015
Gay Share is just the BEST service...better than Gaydar - faster too perhaps lol!

Mr Rex T - Apr 15, 2015
This is the 6th successful time I have used your service. A huge thank you for yet another great service!

Mr Jordan N - Apr 12, 2015
I loved the concept of this website. I found a place to move minutes after my profile was created. Thank you very much!

Mr Emilio M - Apr 4, 2015
We loved the Gay Share site - it's an amazing idea!

Ms Luisa C - Mar 15, 2015
I was told by a friend about Gay Share and will definitely recommend to others!

Mr Tom S - Mar 14, 2015
Thank you for your help in finding a suitable flatmate. I am very pleased with Gay Share when i need flatmates!

Mr Colin M - Mar 11, 2015
Flatmate Finders is easy to use, a good matching profile service and I highly recommend it!

Ms Kate P - Feb 28, 2015
Another successful find!! Gay Share is the best website for flatmates. I had over 150 perfect matches, over 50 people contacted me. I has so many choices and I chose the best one. I would highly recommend Gay Share to anyone looking to share accommodation. This is my 6th time using Gay Share.

Mr Jordan N - Feb 22, 2015
GayShare was enormously helpful and thanks to this service I have found a fantastic place with fantastic tenants in a fantastic area. Couldn't be happier!

Mr Mike C - Feb 20, 2015