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We loved the Gay Share site - it's an amazing idea!

Ms Luisa C - Mar 15, 2015
I was told by a friend about Gay Share and will definitely recommend to others!

Mr Tom S - Mar 14, 2015
Thank you for your help in finding a suitable flatmate. I am very pleased with Gay Share when i need flatmates!

Mr Colin M - Mar 11, 2015
Flatmate Finders is easy to use, a good matching profile service and I highly recommend it!

Ms Kate P - Feb 28, 2015
Another successful find!! Gay Share is the best website for flatmates. I had over 150 perfect matches, over 50 people contacted me. I has so many choices and I chose the best one. I would highly recommend Gay Share to anyone looking to share accommodation. This is my 6th time using Gay Share.

Mr Jordan N - Feb 22, 2015
GayShare was enormously helpful and thanks to this service I have found a fantastic place with fantastic tenants in a fantastic area. Couldn't be happier!

Mr Mike C - Feb 20, 2015
Gay Share is a great service which I will use in the future.

Mr Carl D - Feb 16, 2015
Thanks for the service. It did feel a bit like a dating site, with the whole 'matching' thing, but it worked and I'm looking forward to living with my new flatmate!

Mr Stephen C - Feb 7, 2015
Great service! Found someone within a week..

Mr Terry M - Feb 6, 2015
Thanks so much. Your service is great!

Mr Stephen C - Feb 3, 2015
Thank you for your services - it's a great website!

Ms Stefanie B - Feb 1, 2015
The service in conjunction with Flatmate Finders was a great way to meet possible flatmates for our place. We had many possible choices to pick from so thank you.

Mr Mike P - Feb 1, 2015
Gay Share is a very good service! Thank you for all your help.

Mr Darren W - Jan 30, 2015
Excellent tech support and assistance. All questions and assistance was very prompt and i would highly recommend this service to others. Thanks guys for all your help!

Mr Stephen W - Jan 30, 2015
Flatmate Finders is an amazing service! Thanks.

Mr Antonio B - Jan 22, 2015
Gay Share is an excellent and efficient service. Thanks!

Mr Sean P - Jan 11, 2015
Great service! Thanks once again..

Mr Ed C - Jan 11, 2015
Gay Share is a great service! Very easy to use. Highly recommend this service.

Ms Michon N - Jan 8, 2015
Thanks Gay Share! Its been an easy process and a successful outcome. I will definitely use this service again if I need to. Best regards, Matt

Mr Matthew D - Jan 6, 2015
Gay Share is a great service to the gay community. I hope to use you guys on another occasion. Happy Xmas!

Mr Grant L - Dec 23, 2014
Gay Share was simple and effective!

Mr Peter M - Dec 22, 2014
Gay Share is a very good site! This is a fantastic vehicle to target the share accommodation market. Great job!

Mr Lewis M - Dec 18, 2014
I have found 2 flatmates off this site. Gay Share is the best site around!

Mr David W - Dec 14, 2014
Thanks again guys! As usual we have found a perfect match! We were sad to see our last housemates of two years leave, but we're happy that in NZ they will be legally married, it's a pity we don't have same sex marriage in oz ... we would still have our mates living with us. Thanks again GAY SHARE, Adam

Mr Adam S - Dec 10, 2014
It's a good service and I will use it again, thanks. In the end I just decided to stay in my current apartment. Cheers, Mark

Mr Mark K - Dec 9, 2014
Your service and professionalism really is top notch and I know I'll likely use it again in the future!

Mr Jon G - Dec 2, 2014
I love Gay Share!

Ms Deb T - Dec 2, 2014